The Diverse Fairy Tale Project


What is the Diverse Fairy Tale Project?

Fairy Tales are all around us. From re-writes to adaptations, to the Grimm and Andersen Classics, these magical tales are engrained in our story-telling culture and are much beloved.

From 2017, Mag Mell Publishing will be putting together our own anthology of our favourite Fairy Tales. The twist—the project is all about diversity. We’re looking for new, fresh versions of these popular stories that will represent minorities – including have POC and/or LGBTQA+ main characters.


What inspired you start this?

This project can only be described as a labour of love. Diversity is something that we, at Mag Mell Publishing, are very passionate about. Growing up, members of a minority are often hard pressed to find representation of themselves in the media. Much of the ‘representation’ which is there is often misguided, stereotyped or one-dimensional.

It’s bad business to admit that a project isn’t about making money, but the reality is that whilst this anthology will cover its own costs, the main objective is to recreate something which is old and much loved, into something magical that really represents the wondrous, open diversity of our modern society.

It’s an incredibly exciting project, and we hope that you’re excited by it too!


How’s it going to work?

This project is going to be funded via a Kickstarter. First, we will select between 10-12 authors, each of whom will be assigned a Fairy Tale to rewrite (If you’re interested in getting involved, see below!).
The Kickstarter will then be launched. The funds earned through this would pay for the proper publication of the anthology, as well as the art-work, distribution and editing.

Once the Kickstarter is finished, preparations for the book will begin, with the aim to have it available on the market in early 2018.


Have we tickled your interest?

As a Reader:

If you’d like to support our Diverse Fairy Tale project, than you can! The project will be launched via a Kickstarter. Rewards will include copies of the anthology, both ebook and paperback!

More details to follow. Please check back soon!


As a Writer:


Applicants who applied will hear back shortly on whether they’re fairy tale has been chosen. Many thanks to all who got in touch.