2017 – New Projects

Mag Mell Publishers was launched in the Summer of 2016, publishing one book in November, with another set to be released in early 2017.

The inspiration behind Mag Mell Publishing was all about getting quality content out to the readers. When M.E. Vaughan lost her previous publishers, she made the decision not to delay the anticipated release of her work, but to set up her own publishing house.

With the help of a team of highly-trained, and passionate individuals she re-edited, re-formatted and completely repackaged her books. Sold through wholesalers, these are available in any and every book store across the UK, as well as online.

But Mag Mell Publishing was never just about publishing M.E. Vaughan’s own work. From 2017, as well novel releases, we will be working on the Diverse Fairy Tale Project – a collaborative effort between authors and artists to create an anthology of diverse re-tellings.

The Mag Mell Publishing Team hope that you will keep an eye out for this exciting new project, and wish all of our readers a happy 2017!

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